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Leiomyoma – Ciliary Body Tumor. A Case Report

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Aim: To demonstrate a rare case of ciliary body leiomyoma in our patient

Case report: A 72-year-old female reported to our clinic for a preventive examination, upon which we found a dome-shaped grey-brownish mass on the retinal periphery. After completing gonioscopic and ultrasound examinations, we referred the patient to a specialist facility. Due to a finding of suspicious malignant melanoma, we completed the MRI scan and recommended enucleation of the eyeball. A histopathological examination showed a leiomyoma of the ciliary body.

Conclusion: The aim of this case report is to demonstrate the difficulty of intraocular leiomyoma diagnosis. Only immunohistochemical examination differentiated the tumor from malignant melanoma and determined the diagnosis of ciliary body leiomyoma. Perhaps because of the extreme rarity of this type of tumor, we often neglect to consider a diagnosis of leiomyoma.