Journal overview

The Czech and Slovak Ophthalmology journal is the official journal of the Czech Ophthalmological Society and the Slovak Ophthalmological Society with a long tradition of 73 years. The journal consists of original papers, research results, summary papers, case studies, retraining chapters, articles for practice, news from congresses and symposia, and book reviews. It provides information on new diagnostic methods in ocular diseases and their conservative and surgical treatment. The journal is an integral part of the library of all physicians in the field and a tool for postgraduate education. Since 2009, the Czech and Slovak Ophthalmology journal has been a peer-reviewed, non-impacted journal.

The journal is available both in printed and electronic form – The electronic form offers an English abstract, English keywords and Czech Full text. It is indexed in the MEDLINE electronic database. The English version of the journal is available at The English version of the journal offers free download of the English Full text. Currently, only the Czech version with an English abstract is indexed on medical information portals.

Major changes await the journal within 2 to 3 months. Opposition procedures of the received articles will be managed digitally – authors will upload their contributions directly to the electronic portal with the possibility to monitor at what stage of the opposition procedure their article is in. The editorial board will be gradually enlarged by a so-called Section Editorial Board, which will consist of leading specialists in individual sub-specializations of ophthalmology. The section editor will assess the admissions and manage opposition procedures of articles within his ophthalmological sub-specialization. Each article received for printing will have its own DOI identification code. The most significant upcoming change is that the journal will be converted into a bilingual journal, i.e. the Czech and English versions will be published simultaneously. On medical information portals, in particular on the PubMed portal, the English version of the journal with freely available Full Text, a so-called Free article, will be indexed.


Prof. MUDr. Jiří Řehák, CSc., FEBO
Editor-in-Chief of the Journal       
Czech and Slovak Ophthalmology