2018 - 3 Issue

Original article

Aspherical iols and their effect on visual acuity, depth of field, spherical aberration and contrast sensitivity

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The work compares visual functions after cataract surgery and implantation of spherical (AAB00) and aspherical (ZCB00, MX60) intraocular lenses (IOL). The study was conducted
in the years 2017-2018 at the European Eye Clinic Lexum Brno. The examined group contains 60 eyes. The study focused primarily on the comparison of distance corrected visual
acuity (DCVA), the postoperative value of the total spherical aberration (SA), the depth of field (DoF) for the near and the contrast sensitivity. A single-factor ANOVA test was used for statistical analysis. Nearly all of the monitored values were statistically significantly better for the aspheric IOL group. It was DCVA (ZCB00: p = 0.048, MX60: p = 0.001), the total postoperative SA (ZCB00: p <0.000, MX60: p = 0.003) and contrast sensitivity in lower mesopic conditions (ZCB00: p=0,041; MX60: p = 0.012). Only DoF was statistically insignificant.